How many times have you been in a wine store and thought to yourself: "What was the name of that awesome Cabernet I had last week?" ...with WineRater, you can keep a history of the wines you had, and what you thought of them.

Remembering great wines--or avoiding bad ones--will now be at your fingertips! With WineRater, in vino veritas!

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We at MagWare believe in elegant simplicity: WineRater provides you with a polished and intuitive interface to easily rate and record key information about the wines you have tasted and enjoyed. Take a picture of the wine label, fill in the winery, varietal and vintage, and record your thoughts--it's that easy!

WineRater version 3 has been completely updated to iOS10. In addition, you can now record the location at which you enjoyed that great new wine, and you can change the color scheme of the app to match your tastes. And, as always, you can share your wines via email, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.